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Full FAQs are coming soon. In the meantime if your question is not answered below, please get in touch with any queries via the details in the 'Contact' link in the footer

  • How do I invest?

    On the specific investment's page, click the button 'Invest' button to view a investment€™s details. On the next screen, you will be able to invest by simply entering your investment amount. Depending on if you have been verified before, we may then ask you for some personal details to verify that you are who you say you are. The next page will provide transaction instructions for you to transfer your funds. Once completed, you will be directed back to the website and receive a confirmation email.

  • How can I pay?

    We use several payment providers to power the transactions on our site. Most projects use Stripe but some of our AllBright Angel projects accept direct bank transfer.

  • Can I update/cancel my investment after the offering has ended?

    Unfortunately, once the offering has ended and the funds have been transferred to the project owner, AllBright no longer have control over funds and the investment is final.

  • Am I debited immediately when I contribute to a project?

    No. When you contribute to a project using our online payments partner, Stripe, we simply process payment authorization. The money will be transferred to the project manager's account if and only if the project succeeds in meeting its financial goal. You will be notified via email in all cases. Offline payments made by our AllBright Angels may be processed whist a project is still running and funds will be returned if the project fails to fully fund.

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