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Selecting the best

We only invest in and support female founders. Because of this focus, we are confident that we will source, nurture and back the most outstanding female-led companies in the UK.

Exceptional women will change the world

We are interested in supporting women with big ideas, different visions, those who see the world differently and want to break the mould and drive significant change.

Investing in women makes economic sense

All the research shows that companies with women in leadership positions deliver greater returns, yet the majority of funding is directed at male-led companies. We plan to address this imbalance.

We have a connection

We understand our female founders as we are a team made up of female founders, investors, operators and evangelists. We strongly believe in the power of women in business and are invested in their success.

Beyond investment

AllBright will become the destination for female founders because we offer support beyond capital. We understand that for businesses to scale and thrive they need the confidence that comes from having the right network and access to the relevant skills, knowledge and people.

Track record

We have brought together a significant team of female founders. People who have built businesses across diverse industries and can offer their experience and knowledge to new business leaders.

Continual learning

New founders require formal education as well as support from experts. We will provide learning in all the elements required in a start up business.

Exceptional things happen when you work together

We are open, friendly, passionate individuals who believe in true partnership. Quite simply, we love working as a team and partnering with those who share our ethos. We believe women thrive in this environment.

Tenacity and drive make the difference

We will go the extra mile for all the founders we work with. We have been told ‘no’ many times during our careers but we have not let that hold us back.

We are ambitious

Our ambition is to make the UK the best place in the world to be a female entrepreneur. We think we are pushing on an open door.

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